101 Best Ways to Land a Job in Troubled Times

Learn the NEW Process of Job Transition. Once You Understand and Follow the 5-Step Process for Landing the Job You Want at the Pay You Deserve… You Will!

Most people have never been taught the PROCESS for identifying, pursuing and attaining a job in the midst of a recession or a highly competitive job market. If you don’t know the process, how can you achieve the success you aspire to? This book teaches you the 5 step process for landing the job you want at the pay you deserve – in a recession or in favorable economies.

The Recession is Real – But There ARE Many Jobs Available!

OK – we’ve all heard enough negative statistics and the constant bombardment of bad news from just about everyone and everything (TV being the primary culprit). So if you want the particulars, we suggest you simply turn on any news channel and they’ll be happy to supply you with enough sick-to-your-stomach and doomsday information to completely stress you out, depress you and scare you to death. Here at the Jay Block Companies, we invest 99% of our time and resources focusing on and addressing the “solutions” to today’s problems; NOT on the problems themselves. Yes, we face many trials and tribulation today. Yes, the job market is tight and competitive. And yes, everything seems to be a little confusing these days. But here are statistics we challenge you to focus on:

  1. We live in America – still the land of “unlimited” opportunities.
  2. The EMPLOYMENT rate is between 90% and 93%; so focus on that; not the “UNEMPLOYMENT” rate.
  3. There are no problems America can’t resolve; “this too shall pass,” and we’ll all be better off as a result.
  4. Don’t allow anyone to compare today with the Great Depression, where unemployment was over 25%! Yes, we are in a serious recession. But Americans are resourceful, innovative and resolute in facing all adversity . So “we shall overcome;” and come out stronger as a nation when the dust finally settles.
  5. If you learn and master the PROCESS for identifying, pursuing and landing a job – you’ll do it quickly and effectively ; and you’ll actually enjoy the “process.”



You must have a clearly defined goal. “Anything” is NOT a job title. Securing the right job at the right pay is a CAMPAIGN – NOT A SEARCH. A job transition campaign requires that you know what you want; that you can identify positions, professions, vocations and jobs that you are qualified for. If you are not clear on what you want, you’ll have to settle for what you get.

This book teaches you a groundbreaking, proprietary process (not antiquated and outdated vocational tests) to help you identify meaningful jobs and career directions that will inspire you and provide the quality of life you want. You learn about a “values-based ” approach supported by specific techniques that will empower you to make the best career / job-related decisions possible.


You must develop outstanding communication tools – resumes, cover letters, business plans (if you are starting your own enterprise), endorsement portfolios, etc. You can’t land a great job with an average, assembly line, or cookie-cutter resume. How can you land an exciting job with a boring resume? Resumes must be exciting self-marketing documents that communicate your ability to produce significant RESULTS better than other qualified and competing job candidates. Most resumes are nothing more than “chronological obituaries.” Just use common sense! How do you expect your resume to “stand out” and impress a STRANGER (a prospective employer, recruiter or HR manager) when it looks like every other resume? In today’s highly competitive job market, your resume must stand out, be unique and shout out to prospective employers, “I AM THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR THE JOB BECAUSE I CAN PRODUCE THE RESULTS YOU WANT!”


You must develop a MAP – a “Massive Action Plan.” There are only 10 ways to land a job ; but the problem is that most job seekers use strategies that produce the least effective results. What good is a great resume when a job candidate has an ineffective strategy – or no strategy at all? How many hours do you plan on working on your campaign each day; each week? What are your weekly goals? What are potential obstacles to success and how do you plan to neutralize or overcome them? How do you “measure” your weekly efforts to ensure you are using the most effective strategy to land the job you want at the pay you deserve – quickly and painlessly?


Your campaign requires that you promote and sell yourself in the wake of an overcrowded global job market. Today, more than ever, it’s WHO YOU KNOW more than what you know; so you must master the NEW techniques of networking and new contact development. Utilizing social networks such as FACEBOOK and LinkedIn make the networking process easy and enjoyable. Furthermore, you must be able to convincingly sell yourself in an interview and be able to negotiate the salary you deserve commensurate with your value. You must be able to confidently overcome objections to hire and “influence” the decision-maker in awarding you the job!

At the Jay Block Companies, we have been recognized as the global leader in self-marketing skill training. Contrary to what you have been taught and believe, electronic networking and new contact development can be fun! Interviewing and negotiating salary can be enjoyable! Taking massive action everyday in pursuit of your job / career goals can be exhilarating! We teach new, innovative and highly effective techniques to ensure that you are a confident and self-assured promoter of your skills, qualification and abilities. When done reading this book, you will be able to communicate your value and your ability to contribute significant results. When you master the art of self-marketing, you will secure the right job at the right compensation.


The single greatest barrier to all success and happiness is fear and negative emotions. That being said, fear is normal and can’t be eliminated; nor should it be ignored. Fear, however, must be conquered. It’s been shown that success achievement begins as soon as you learn HOW to conquer your fears. In fact, if you don’t acknowledge your fears, you’ll become more ‘at risk’ psychologically. In other words, whatever you ignore will get worse in time. Ignore your fears and negative attitude, and you’ll probably fall short of all your goals, dreams and aspirations. Disarming and conquering your fears begin with recognizing its presence, accepting it and taking action to manage it. Courage is the antidote for fear. Courage, according to Mark Twain, is, “Resistance to fear, mastery over fear, but not an absence of fear.” That is what heroes are made of; courage, in the face of, not the absence of, fear. And that’s what facilitates the process of landing a new job, reducing conflict and living a higher quality life.

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101 Best Ways to Land a Job in Troubled Times

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To order the book, call us at 561-309-2468 or visit your favorite bookstore.

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