Don’t Believe the Myth: Get Hired Over the Holidays !

“I’m taking the holiday season off from getting a new job because no one hires between Thanksgiving and New Years,” says the majority of job seekers.

“Don’t believe this myth.”

When you lose this limiting belief and replace and embrace it with a new belief that there are unlimited opportunities at any given time, especially during the holiday season, you will have an excellent chance of securing employment during the holiday season.

    8 Reasons Why You Can Land a Job During the Holiday Season:

1) You will stand out and get noticed because your competition has bought into the myth.

2) More managers / decision-makers are in the office and are not travelling or away from their offices.

3) Most hiring managers / decision-makers are in the “holiday spirit” and will more readily meet and speak with you.

4) 2012 is right around the corner and many companies are planning their 2012 budgets and personnel needs.

5) There are more holiday events and opportunities for networking and new contact development.

6) You will receive respect from hiring managers / decision-makers because of your efforts during the holidays.

7) Seasonal work, often times, leads to full time employment; and there are many seasonal jobs available.

8) The economy is definitely improving and employers are hiring and gearing up to start 2012 with a bang.

“There are hundreds of thousands of jobs created during the holiday season,” says National Retail Federation President and CEO Matthew Shay in a release in October.

This is true – and this does NOT include jobs that are not advertised or those that are not directly or indirectly related to retail. In all probability, there are millions of jobs created during the holiday season; especially this holiday season with an improved economy and stock market.

Those who believe in the myth, will be unemployed come January 2012. But those who work diligently and intelligently to land a job during the holiday season, will have a good chance of beginning 2012 gainfully employed!

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